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for an art film in the country.&nbs▓p;It took Jia four months to shoot  &ldquo;Ash Is Purest W

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hite” with the production spanning across Shanxi and Hubei provinces, as w▓ell as the Xinjian

ldquo;A Touch of

g Uygur Autonomous Region. The French ▓magazine “Cahiers du Cinéma” named i▓t as


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enplay award at Cannes in 2015.“The couple i

n the “grassroots class&rdq▓uo; compared to their predecessors.When &ldquo;Ash Is Purest White” is released on September 21 in China it could easily become Jia’s most commercially successful film to date.&ldquo;I threw myself into writing the script as if ▓I were writing about my own emotional journeys: my lost youth and my fantasy about the future,” Jia said. “To live, to love and to ▓be free.”Pleas

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the margins of society. They survive by challengi

he QR Code to follow us ▓on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow▓ us on WechatStill no home for controversial US art memorial for Paris attacksStill no home for controversial US a▓rt memorial for Paris attacksStill no home fo▓r controversial US art memorial for Paris attacks05-29-▓2018 09:54 BJTA site for a controversial art install▓ation and memorial to the victims of the 2015 Paris att▓acks by US artist Jeff Koons has still not been

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social order,” he said while explaining his in

he culture ministry said Monday.The brightly colored ▓"Bouquet of Tulips," which would stand 10 meters (35 feet▓) tall, donated by Koons to the city after the ▓attacks that claimed 130 lives, has been the subject of tension for months.The culture ministry confirmed that no ▓decision had been made after a meeting with Paris city officials and the artist's representatives.K▓oons is known for his brash, voluptuous w▓orks of pop art which com

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ing the film. “I didn’t set out to def

tellar price▓ tags.He provoked an outcry when he said he wan▓ted his work to be installed on the esplanade of the con▓temporary art museum Palais de Tokyo, which faces the Eiffel Tower.But Culture Minister Francoise Nyssen told the Figaro newspaper on Monday that "we will offer him another place".The tulips should be erected somewhe▓re "popular, visible and shared by everyone," she adde▓d.A park in the north of Paris has been tipped as a p

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